While my current position as an assistant professor does not permit much time to pursue my personal art and design, this is an area of the site I hope to add to in coming years as I get more comfortable in the job. This is a mix of digital and analog work.

3D character: Isabelle Dahl

Isabelle (2005)

3D Studio Max and Photoshop

Isabelle Dahl was created as part a game concept.In the game design, she is the player's mentor. Irreverent, not terribly patient, she is sometimes more interested in baseball scores than helping. She follows and aids the player's progress.
Isabelle was designed as a semi-low poly character (9700 polygons).

Textures Run Cycle Walk Cycle Jumping

3D character: Mech Dragon

Mech Dragon (2005)

Maya and Photoshop

The mech dragon is a high poly character that I designed and modeled using Maya's polygon tool set.

Textures Hi Rez Perspective View Hi Rez Side View

Painting: Street scene

Street (2006)

Oil on Canvas

14' x 30'. My first attempt at oils (many years ago).

Larger Version

3D character: Blue Demon

Blue Demon (2011)

3D Studio Max and Photoshop

I created the blue demon as a mascot for my teaching website at DePaul University.
(A much more fierce looking blue demon is the official DePaul University mascot).



Soldier (2005)

3D Studio Max and Photoshop

The soldier is 7800 polygons without his armor, and 15,500 with all his armor and fully rigged.

Textures Walk Cycle


Spotro the Rocking Dog (2006)

3D Studio Max and Photoshop

Medium polygon character (less than 10,000 fully rigged).


Plant People

Plant People (2006)

Pencil, color versions in Photoshop

Character concepts for a children's story.

Larger version

Color Pencil Drawings

Dragonweed & Moongirl (1992)

Color Pencils

Illustrations for a children's story (24" x 17")

Larger versions


Sketchbook (2002-current)

Pencil and Ink

Miscellaneous sketches and concepts.

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