In 2008 and 2009, I worked as a consultant for PATH on the 'Safe Water Project'; it was a funded by the Gates foundation.

I performed statistical analysis of survey data from 1000 respondents from the Andhra Pradesh region of India using multivariate and univariate methods. In the survey, respondents were questioned about behaviors and attitudes regarding safe/clean water including collection and storage.

The analysis resulted in several synopses in the form of visualizations and persona-like summarizations intended to aid communication and decision making within the design team including a set of persona families.

This image depicts is a example of one persona family (see the personas area for more).

Putnam, C., Kolko, B and Wood, S. (2012). Communicating about users in ICTD: leveraging HCI personas. In Proceedings of International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development, ICTD 2012, Atlanta, Georgia, March 12-15 (Acceptance rate: 19%).

PDF version of a condensed version of the PATH safe water report (opens in a new tab).

PDF versions of the personas (opens in a new tab).

Each persona family represented a portion of the data. The primary segmentation was their understanding of water safety issues.

A supplementary document describing how the persona information was tied back to the data was supplied for each persona family.